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Time2Reflect Mental Health Day Conference 

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Time 2 Reflect | 'More than a conversation...' 

Announcing our annual Mental Health Conference! 

Our aim as IMed Minds is to provide a running and permanent platform to encourage dialogue around well-being and mental health. With COVID, the importance of well-being has become more apparent than ever before.

We present to you the time2reflect conference, a day to encourage conversations and ask important questions:
- How we manage our mental health from an Islamic perspective.
- The importance of seeking help.
- Is there a purpose behind our tribulations?
- What does it mean to face difficulties with patience?
- How are our emotions related to our mental health?

This conference will provide us with steps that we all can actively take to improve our mental WELLBEING and help the people around us! 

Including talks from amazing guest speakers, professionals and inspiring students 

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Open to ALL, so make sure to bring your friends, family and anyone who will benefit. Stay tuned for more updates