Birmingham Islamic Societies' Charity Dinner 
Charity Dinner.png

Then let mankind look at his food - How We poured down water in torrents, Then We broke open the earth, splitting (it with sprouts), And caused to grow within it grain(80:24-27)

Our famous annual Charity Dinner is finally here, but like never before. Three Birmingham Islamic Societies united under one roof, with one common goal; to help provide our brothers and sisters in Yemen with the essentials of food and water. Blessings which we rarely reflect on and take for granted.

Join us for an unbeatable evening filled with amazing food, irreplaceable company, sounds of laughter from our unbeatable entertainment. Don't forget your wallets for our very own Charity Auction. Whether you come with a group of friends or alone, there is and will always be a place for you all! You are sure to leave with a handful of memories for life.

Let this enchanting evening be one where we come together with pure intentions  to raise money for the devastating Yemen crisis. With 24 million Yemenis in need of humanitarian assistance and 15 million at the brink of starvation, let's join forces and do our best to raise money for them.

Sisters and Brothers... Get your outfit ready and bring yourself to this UNMISSABLE CHARITY DINNER of 2019 ever witnessed by Birmingham. See you all there insha’Allah!  #IMedxUBISOCxAston19 #TripleThreat