Medicine and Dentistry Interview Support 2020/21

Medicine Interviews Survival Pack 2020/21

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Dentistry Interviews Survival Pack 2020/21

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Prior Events

Sunday 6th December 2020

Muslim medical and dental students worked with local mosques and schools to faciliate free interview (MMI) practice for year 13 students across the country.

120 school students 

45 volunteers

All completely virtual!


Saturday 5th October 2019

Birmingham Medical Access Day (BMAD)  

An Islamic Medical Society ​student run conference aimed at inspiring and supporting aspiring medics and dentists with their applications.


A mixture of lectures, workshops and Q&A provided a unique atmosphere for 100 students.

Hosted at the University of Birmingham Medical School!


Medicine Survival Guide 2019/20

Medicine BMAD Booklet.png

Dentistry Survival Guide 2019/20

Dentistry BMAD Booklet.png
BMAD 2019
BMAD 2019
BMAD 2019
BMAD 2019
BMAD 2019
BMAD 2019